Discounts on parking near airports for Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto or Vancouver at Park’N Fly

There are many ways to save on parking near airports before you leave. What are the possibilities, you have two choices:

  1. Get discount coupons for parking only nearby airports
  2. Choose a hotel package with parking included which sometimes comes at the same price as parking only

Rebates on airport parking only

Here’s a way to save on parking at Park’N Fly near Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto or Vancouver airports. To get a discount, there are several codes or coupons you can use.

Enter one of the following codes:

  • 1109378
  • 1109531 
  • 1114517
  • 963387
  • 1001867
  • 1039615

Try multiple codes as some may expire or offer more discounts than others.

You can also park directly at the Montreal airport parking lot with coupon code SITV19 or TRA10

Search tools for hotels nearby airports with parking included

Another option is to stay overnight before you leave or when you return to hotels near airports including parking. The basic package includes one night in a standard room at a selected hotel before or after an airline flight, as well as parking for the specified number of days (usually 7 or 14). Most hotels also include an airport shuttle service. You can compare prices on search sites like ParkSleepFly or

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