Fuel dumping

What is a fuel “dumping strike” ?  Is the fuel surcharge of the long-haul flights are “dumped” by the presence of a smaller, cheaper flight that is not part of a regular round trip. Last week, websites posted to the general public a dumping strike just to get more clics on they’re sites and then the carrier who was targeted, found out about this and corrected the error as soon as they can. Usually pro hackers do those strike and fly them and keep them secret. Why do they keep it secret ? Because when you fly a dump strike flight, you have to keep it low profile and not interact in person before the flight with the airline, so they do there check-in online only also travel only with one carry-on bags. If they catch you doing a strike, ticket could get canceled by the carrier or force you to pay for the fuel surcharge in question.

Here’s a strike that I found not long ago, I also blocked the flight that strike the round trip ticket cause I don’t want the carrier in question to found out about this and correct the error so after, it would not work anymore. Websites posted a dump strike to the public last week, pissed off lots of hackers doing this trick and so they should kept this secret next time. A secret strike can last for a long time. This strike for Tel Aviv still works today after 3 days because I kept it secret.

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As you can see, the dump strike took down the price to 598$CAD instead of 1013$CAD

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